In a time of rapid change and evolution, cable providers must transition from household-centric to customer-centric organizations by adopting technology that drives agility and profitability. That’s Nrby's specialty.

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One Platform. Multiple Cable solutions.

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New and current customer growth

Imagine how happy the sales and marketing team will be when new, inbound sales ready leads are delivered in real time from mobile teams and contractors.

Greatly Improve Communication

Streamline job information workflow with teams and contractors in the field to eliminate frustration, treasure hunts for information, and delays.

Team and Contractor Management

Arrive on job sites prepared with the details required to complete jobs, the knowledge that service providers hired have completed quality work, and the materials required are in the truck.

Higher Profit

Stop losing money because of information bottlenecks, unnecessary travel and truck rolls, and misinformed employees.

The smarter commmunication platform for cable professionals.



Drive new inbound leads into the sales pipeline, from the field.



Discover, document, and capture concerns and risks in the field.

Mechanical Maintenance


Stay ahead of problems before they become urgent and impact customers.


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Discover the business benefits of leveraging your network.

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Drop Management

Track and fix all temporary drops efficiently.

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Refer to Maintenance

Assign the right specialist to fix issues quickly.


Case Studies

Drop Management

Nrby makes it easy to manage Temporary Drops, all in one place. Empower teams to resolve Temporary Drops quickly and accurately, reducing operational costs and boosting customer satisfaction rates. When a Nrby-enabled crew arrives on site, everything they need to complete a job quickly and accurately is right on their mobile devices.


Preventative Maintenance

Nrby’s Preventative Maintenance capabilities make it easy to seamlessly integrate plant telemetry and auto populate job assignments directly to technicians including all relevant information related to repairs so the job gets done right the first time in half the time.

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Refer to Maintenance

Keep customers happy even when a problem can’t be solved by their service tech on the spot. Service techs can’t always address the issues they discover; sometimes the calvary needs to be called. Nrby makes it easy to communicate with custom forms and capture all the relevant information related to customer issues requiring a maintenance tech visit.



With Nrby’s Crowdsourcing solution, anyone can report plant issues as they discover them, right from their mobile devices. Forget about having the right form in the vehicle. Issues can be documented and reported right from a phone including text, rich media, and of course, precise location.

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Find out how Nrby empowers efficiency in the cable industry without the high costs of expensive infrastructure and supply chain management technology.

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