Customer Service Leaders

Delighting customers is difficult when data is not available from the field. Gathering, sharing, and empowering the right team members to act quickly
to service customers is our specialty.

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One platform. multiple solutions.

Customer service software

Proactive not reactive service

Know when there is an issue in the field that impacts a customer so team members can proactively communicate the problem, replacing disgruntled inquiries, with thank yous.

Customers at

Proactively alert customers of service outages, new product offerings that are right for them, and resolve issues faster, which means positive reviews, trust, and brand affinity.

Call Volume Reductions

SmartPin placement alerts customer-facing teams who can quickly communicate with customers, resulting in less contact center call volume, customer wait times, and tickets.

and loyalty

Remove barriers to strong relationships and loyalty by establishing trust, using SmartPin technology.



Enable customer care teams to identify and distribute new leads to the sales team.

Fiber Tech Location


Digitize management of tasks, eliminating the need for paper and manual processes.

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Enable mobile service teams to capture issues in the field and solve them real time.

WORKFLOWS for Customer Service Leaders

service ticket software
mobile sales opportunities

Monetize Service Calls

Empower service teams with knowledge to up-sell and cross-sell on service calls.

Equipment - Active

Equipment management

Track, maintain, and replace field equipment proactively.

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Project Management

Oversee and execute projects on time and budget.


learning from experience

Case Studies

In 2020 WOW! reduced unnecessary truck rolls by roughly 70%, resulting in $52,000 in savings.

1 %
reduction in truck rolls
$ 1

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