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Infrastructure improvements are predicted to drive the US economy out of recession. The greatest roadblocks are the lack of data and information, ineffective decision making, budget approval processes, and eliminating inefficiencies with technology. Until now.

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One Platform. Multiple Infrastructure solutions.

Infrastructure Software

Availability of data

Capture all the information, pictures, and requirements to address infrastructure improvements at specific locations..

Informed decision making

Crowdsource the information required to make informed decisions about budget needed, scope of work, and the urgency of projects and initiatives

Operational excellence

Eliminate wasted time and unnecessary expenses by empowering state and local employees with the authority to do their jobs.

Less complaints

Imagine a time when state officials have insight and realtime information on the status, blockers, and timing of infrastructure projects.

The smarter communication platform for Government professionals

Guard Rail Damage

Infrastructure Maintenance

Stay ahead of problems before they become urgent.

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Project Management

Oversee and execute projects on time and on budget.



Digitize the management of tasks and activities, eliminating manual processes.

Government WORKFLOWS

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Front Loader

Equipment management

Track, maintain, and replace field equipment proactively.



Discover the operational efficiency of leveraging staff in the field.


Track & Address Hazards

Capture and address hazards in the field, in real time.


learning from experience

Case Studies

One government agency has realized a 20% reduction in operating costs, along with an 11% increase in productivity since rolling out the Nrby platform.

1 %
Reduction in Operating Expense
1 %
Increase in Speed to Resolution

Government agencies are crowdsourcing infrastructure problems, proactively maintaining pump stations, and expediting traffic light and road issue resolution with Nrby. Learn how.

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