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The Nrby Platform

Nrby is an intelligent platform for companies to document, take action, and unlock new insights on anything associated with a specific location. Through the use of SmartPins, companies are digitally transforming outdated business processes to:
  • drive profits
  • streamline operations
  • delight customers
It all starts with a SmartPin at a location.

One Platform. Multiple Solutions.

Location Intelligence With a Smart Pin

location intelligence

SmartPins represent many business processes from managing billion dollar projects to helping identify new sales leads. Over 150 SmartPins and workflows have been preconfigured and are available to use in our SmartPin library. Team members and contractors can very simply convey any specific location information through an easily identifiable SmartPin icon. What started out as a clever way of crowdsourcing and conveying timely information in the field has matured into a full-featured team communication platform that thousands of mobile professionals leverage at companies of all sizes.

The Anatomy of a SmartPin

location intelligence
location software

SmartPin icon

Visual representation of a business process.

location intelligence


Information gathered and stored within a SmartPin location workflow.

location intelligence

Media Attributes

Unlimited number of photos and videos to document location information.

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Built-in proximity alerting to mobile users entering and exiting an area.

location intelligence


Voice and mobile alerts, supervisor alerts, team alerts by SmartPin.

task management software


Tasks within SmartPins for jobs or actions a user can have.

location intelligence

Roles and Permissions

Configurable permissions for mobile users including contractors.

notification software


 Notifications to mobile team members, supervisors, and contractors. 

location intelligence software

timeline and History

Historical timeline of all activities with documentation of a specific SmartPin.

location intelligence


 Triggers with business rules when jobs, projects or tasks are completed.

location intelligence

assign Work

Quickly assign work to specific users and track the progress.

location intelligence

time To Live

Timers to automatically delete or flag a SmartPin from the map.

automation software

automated Communications

Notify team members via email of completed work and opportunities.

150+ Workflows

location software

Working hand in hand with customers, the Nrby SmartPin library has grown into an entire set of workflow libraries. Anything that needs to be documented or acted on at a specific location can be formulated with a unique SmartPin. Nrby prides itself on its flexible architecture allowing customers to solve many business challenges with one platform.

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Voted a best value by Capterra, all Nrby subscriptions include:

Android & IOS Mobile Apps

Full SmartPin Library Access

Automated Communications


Mobile User

Two-Factor Authentication

Unlimited Photos and Videos

Imports and



Dashboard User Messaging

Activity and Project History

Pop/Up Campaign Instructions

In Application

Geofence Alerts by SmartPin



Text and Voice to Text Notes



Event Reminders and Timers

Start and Complete Requirements

Assignments and

Plus, much more...

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