Digitally transforming manufacturing post Covid-19 is a top priority to address the many efficiency gaps that exist today. Nrby is up to the task.

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One Platform. Multiple solutions.

Manufacturing Software

Timely information access

Enable workers to crowdsource and submit SmartPins to escalate concerns proactively to support the need for manufacturers to become smart factories.

Proactive maintenance

Service the equipment, plants, and machinery at various locations that keep operation running efficiently with alerts and triggers.

Continuous productivity

Experience the value of having finger-tip access to information on worker productivity, adoption of change, and improving workflows.

Ideas for product enhancements

Connect customers with product developers to design and deliver more marketable and adaptable products to drive customer affinity.

The smarter commmunication platform for manufacturing professionals.

cable tech


Change maintenance from reactive to proactive and eliminate downtime.

Job - Medium

Project Management

Maximize resource effectiveness by managing all projects digitally.

Material Needed


Simplify the management and prioritization of complex tasks.

Manufacturing WORKFLOWS

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Equipment management

Keep equipment maintained to keep production humming.

Completed Service Node Outage


Adhere and execute transfers following best practices.

Security Check

Safety Protocols

Follow safety checklists across all personal and departments.


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Case Studies

One firm reduced their cycle time to repair by 60% by streamlining cross-departmental workflows with Nrby. This has enabled them to realize a 10% increase in manufacturing uptime. 

1 %
reduced cycle time to repair
1 %
Added manufacturing uptime.

With Nrby’s SmartPin technology there is no need for enormous infrastructure investments to operate more efficiently. See how.

drive results with smartpins today!