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It’s harder than ever to generate leads. Traditional marketing channels and events are postponed. Digital marketing channels are crowded. Cold calling is dead. Nrby’s got it covered.

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One Platform. Multiple solutions.

location intelligence platform


At the point of service with a happy customer, mobile teams and contractors can funnel information on new or complementary services to increase customer spending.


As mobile teams travel, they can instantly submit a SmartPin crowdsourcing the location of a new sales opportunity to the marketing and sales team.

Customer retention

When there is an issue at a location, a simple SmartPin starts the process to take immediate action and provide outstanding customer service.

Competitive Advantage

Know about things like new real estate development, competitors in territories, and work needed when mobile teams crowdsource and submit a SmartPin.



Drive new inbound leads with needs into sales pipelines directly from the field.

For Sale


Discover new business opportunities by leveraging networks in the field.

Single Family House


Capture and act on prospect needs before the competition.

WORKFLOWS for sales & marketing

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mobile sales opportunities

Monetize Mobile Service Teams

Empower mobile service teams in the field to upsell, cross sell and capture leads.

competitors analysis

Competitive Intelligence

Document competitive data from the field to fuel positive marketing & sales outcomes.

innovation software


Innovate faster with consistent feedback loops about new products or enhancement.


learning from experience

Case Studies

One firm realized new revenue by capturing location specific opportunities from the field and removing paper processes:

“Our marketing team is thrilled when our field techs let them know of a new neighborhood, condominium complex, or business park we don’t have on our sales radar.  Being there first means we win before competitors do.”

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In savings, switching from paper to digital
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increase in new revenue

Learn how companies are closing more deals, reducing marketing budgets, and crowdsourcing timely sales and marketing opportunities with Nrby.

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