Technicians & Crew Members

Arriving at a location with access to all historical information and leaving the site with the job completed, resulting in happy customers, is way better than having to go back. That's how we roll.

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One Platform. Multiple solutions.

Manufacturing Software


Everything in Nrby is tied back to a location and a SmartPin. Technicians and teams have fingertip access to this historical information on their mobile devices.

One service

Leaving a service call and having to explain to a customer why another call is necessary because you didn’t have answers or a required part is a thing of the past with Nrby.


Technicians and crew members can document and send a picture of completed work, alert sales of potential new business opportunities, and get rewarded.

Referrals and Reviews

No need to do paperwork, call the customer service team about projects or report in as all the information is captured and submitted with Nrby in real time.

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Preventative Maintenance

Stay ahead of problems before they become urgent and negatively impact customers.

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Project Management

Oversee and execute projects on time and budget.



Digitize the management of tasks and eliminate manual and paper processes.

WORKFLOWS For Technicians & Crews

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Equipment management

Track where expensive equipment is located and execute preventative maintenance.


Safety Protocols

Keep employees safe when they operate alone in the field.


Project Support

Receive all the materials and support needed to complete jobs faster.

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learning from experience

Case Studies

In one month, one firm eliminated 825 service calls resulting in $47,000 in operational savings.  Their commitment to digitally transforming from paper has increased field team efficiency by 10%.

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Reduced enterprise operating costs
Eliminated service calls
1 %
Increase in efficiency

Reduce your truck rolls, eliminate unnecessary visits, and get more done in a day by working smarter, not harder.

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