The operational challenges with 5G continue to be very complex, including the physical infrastructure required (microcells, antennas, backhaul, fiber), contractual agreements, and public and worker safety. Nrby helps to make these challenges opportunities.

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One Platform. Multiple solutions.

Wireless Field Service Software


Remove the barriers to accurate reporting by allowing techs to instantly and precisely document location using GPS-tagging, text, photos, and videos on any mobile device.


Protect and monitor the safety of employees in the field from the moment they arrive at a location and open a SmartPin to start work until they leave.


Stay ahead of issues in the field, keep small problems from becoming big, and proactively prepare for future upgrades, enabling teams to work quickly and effectively..

Higher Customer satisfaction

Deliver a great customer experience to residential and commercial customers, resulting in more referrals, less complaints, and higher customer satisfaction scores..

The smarter commmunication platform for wireless professionals.

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Map wireless tower locations

Document and track the locations of all wireless towers.

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Preventative Maintenance

Stay ahead of repairs instead of getting complaints about dropped service.


Map coverage area

Use SmartPins to hightlight, track, and service coverage areas.


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Gateway - New 1

Installation Checklist

Provide the data and process the team needs to make the wireless installation successful.

Completed Service Node Outage

Local Permit and ROW geotracking

Capture all the data required to secure permits required to successfully complete work.

Security Breach

Safety Protocols

Keep employees safe when they are alone or in at risk scenarios.


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Case Studies

One wireless firm that digitally transformed by using Nrby to switch from paper to digital has realized a $3 million savings in operational costs and eliminated over $40,000 in printing costs already.

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In savings, switching from paper to digital
$ 1
saved in printing costs...and rising!

Market leaders in cable, wireless, and fiber rely on Nrby’s flexible platform to solve their most difficult challenges. Learn how Nrby has become pivotal to their success.

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